If we are going to heal, let it be glorious!




The most blunt statement anyone has every made to me, thus initiating all of what you see in front of you and will see in the many years to come.

Let us rewind just a touch. 2 months ago, after 4 years of spiritual work, (getting the general gist, but still feeling a bit lost) I turned to a dear friends' mother for some help.  To my knowledge, I was going through the motions just fine, but i could feel the imbalance of my life still lingering.  Hiding behind a smile + a namaste, all relationships ending before they begin (regardless of being a catch, haha), influx of clients being just enough to get by.  All around bare minimum. 

When I arrived at Casa Florecer that Friday afternoon, I didn't know what to expect, but I had hit an internal rock bottom, so i figured there was nothing to lose.   Energetically, I rolled up "naked", ready to bear all to this complete stranger.  I had heard of Maria's intuition and deep connection with the universe, so with maximum desperation and zero fear, I was ready to hear her opinion...

... Or so I thought.  And just like that, words from a complete stranger entered the air and would mark the first day of the rest of my life.  "Make a change, or this life cycle is over for you". Maria informed me that my life's reality had become such due to my lack of intention to grow roots, misinterpreting signs, deep rooted desire to leave before left, and believing there was no other way to live than on SURVIVOR MODE. 


"You have been given a phenomenal gift and you are on the cusp of grasping it, but the universe is getting fed up with waiting for you to see it".  Essentially,  I was told, if i wasn't ready to do the work, open my eyes to the signs, translate appropriately, and truly believe and see my greatness, the body of Elizabeth Susanna de la Pena Takacs would no longer be needed on this planet in its current form.


So this meant, every step I had taken in my 33 years had led me to the doorstep of Casa Florecer that day.  It was exactly where I was supposed to be.  Making the decision to stay for a month and work one-on-one with Maria was exactly what i was meant to do. Hearing her say that sentence was exactly what I needed to hear to save my own life. In summation, there are no coincidences in life.  WE ALL ARE EXACTLY WHERE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE & be grateful for every twist and turn.  You are living, you are breathing, The universe still has faith in your greatness.


This post goes out to EVERY instance that has occurred in my life.  I will be wildly grateful forever.  Of course, a thank you the Universe, God, or whatever higher power for giving me the wherewithal to reach this level of consciousness & to be able to grasp the message I was given. And lastly,  little extra special thanks to the existence of Maria & her beautiful sanctuary. Being a part of the Casa Florecer family is a brand I am HONORED to subscribe to.  I am excited to share my journeys that spring from this union with all of you in hopes for everyone to realize their own greatest greatness!