One of the things that I enjoy more than anything is supporting and seeing my own kind succeed. If we are the company we keep and surrounding yourself with greatness elevates you to greatness, than isn't this concept A MUST?  Everyday we are faced with challenges, people who tell us we can't, or we shouldn’t. Imagine if everyone had just one cheerleader? I think back to a time when I was starting my business and had many that doubted me.  There were many days I thought about folding and caving back to a corporate world.  Although I stand here now, proud and grateful i never caved, I always wonder how much harder would i have pushed if i had more peers cheering me on and believing in me before I myself was able to.

My greatest fear is untapped potential. For myself and for others. I guess that's why I chose to be in the field I am in. But  beyond making a living from this character trait, I think it brings me closer to my life purpose; to shine light on those who deserve their moment in the sun.  Those that will be responsible for being  the greatness this universe is looking for in order to shift.

So today, I would like to spotlight some  visionaries that I really think are killing the game with their heart, passion, and talents.

Latente Studio or follow them on instagram here,  Latente is a powerhouse full service branding agency that is paving the way for the aesthetically conscious while doing it with heart and a ton of soul.
Cineburo or follow them on instagram here. This award winning production company has only one year under their belt, but are already running circles around other cinema production companies.  This company is a great example of leading with zero fear, all confidence and manifesting greatness.
Folklorika  or follow them on instagram here. This company is so much more than gorgeous custom uniforms.  They are an example of what happens when integrity leads.  Integrity with product & integrity with their business approach.
SPV Arquitectos or follow them on instagram here.  I fell in love with the heart of this company first and then the love of their talent followed.  During a very difficult time in Mexico, they put all business aside to do days of thankless free work.  As for their designs, they speak for themselves.  They are stunning, state of the art, conscious, and made with a lot of love.
Ashley Bissett Fitness or follow them on instagram here  What started off as a small local gym has now turned into a local sensation.  Making the focal point of their business the appreciation of community and those who surround them, this is exactly that greatness we are talking about.
Arctic Fire Cryo or follow them on instagram  here. Not even open yet, AFC will be the home of the youngest visionaries i have seen.  Her desire is to heal and to make everyone feel like the best versions of themselves.  Her manifesto breathes healing love and mental and physical equanimity.
Pug Seal Hotels or follow them on instagram here.  Changing the face of hotels as we know it.  Now hotels aren't where you just go and lay your head down.  It is where you can find art, culture, socializing, or have the concierge hand curate a ceremonial retreat for you.  These guys are taking hospitality to a new level.
Ten Papel or follow them on instagram here  This sustainable little company is more than just wrapping and cards.  Every ounce of good vibes from these artisans transfers from their hands to each product and is felt when you purchase thes products. Gives another dimension of buena vibra when giving a gift.
CheekyClicks or follow them on instagram here.  A self taught talent parleed into company of making others feel and look like the most shining versions of themselves or their products.  She breaths life and light into everything she snaps.