Collaboration; Elevating others to grateness

If you know me, you know that there is nothing I love more than helping others. Although my dear friend Eugenia sometimes reprimands me (which I get because sometimes people do take advantage and she want to take care of me), but there is a why behind this...

Close your eyes. Envision yourself at the top. Top of your game, top of your profession, etc. Now imagine that the people you love and admire are there with you. Doesn’t that seem a lot better than a vision with you lonely at the top?  

Collecitve elevation, support, and gratefulness vibrates on a much higher level than flying solo and one of the best ways I’ve found for a group of professionals to skyrocket is with collaboration. 3 years ago, my company Millennials Collective started doing just that. We started bringing together likeminded entrepreneurs to collectively and creatively collaborate. The way this took form was by way of a photoshoot. This way, not only did  we get to know each other, the end product was beneficial to all  

The first shoot involved 5 brands, the last involved 37 and turned into a boutique expo experience involving 40 different brands; all representing only one modality each.

So here We are again. Almost 2 years later in a new country and it’s time to start it up again. Stay tuned, we are starting off small but we are headed for big things.   

Up on deck for this unicorn birthday shoot? 






Leave you with some past fotos...