Since last I wrote on this topic, a lot has changed. Work has changed, fads have changed, who I am as a social media advisor has changed. I am here to tell you in addendum to following all the tips in part 1, these are my newest finds that I want to share with you. 

I currently manage 7 accounts and I use all of these tips and their engagement has never been better


With all the help from apps there is today, I still don’t understand why I see brands with photos with no color theme, no editing, sometimes straight posting pictures from a Blackbberry circa 2010. 

Choose a vibe you want your feed to have, and my BEST SUGGESTION that I will ever give about socials is PURCHASE photo editing PRESETS by a bangin designer and USE ONLY THOSE. My absolute favorite is @digigirls. Her settings are DOPE and transform every photo to look like photographer quality. She has different bundles with different feels so you can play with what ColorStory you want your feed and brand to have. On top of that, she explains everything so well on how to install and is super smart and talented and friendly and she will soon be my best friend. So with that said, I have a 30% off discount code for you! 


and use code LIZZYDELA30 

Below I will post some before and afters so you can see this magic in action. 


Story posting is quickly becoming more impactful than fixed posts and with that need to make stories more interesting l, technology has followed. 

So you have the option to make your image smaller or larger within the Instagram app. The only thing is that it usually gives you an ugly ombré background. This is most definitely distracting and not appealing to the eye. I suggest using one of the following apps: 

  1. So one of the firsts on the scene for templates for stories were UNFOLD.  They still continue to be one of my go- to’s just for its classic nature.  


But some others that are quickly gaining steam are 

  1. + 3. CANVA & STORY.  They have a little creativity behind their vibes, but most of the premium features come at a cost. 

Next, I continue to see you guys do it, but I guess I’m not getting through. Choose your colors for your brand or your page and STICK WITH THEM. I suggest no more that 3 including black and/ or white. USE THESE SAME COLORS THROUGHOUT ALL YOUR STORIES. In fonts, in art, in color fill. If you are using 8 different colors in one story post with 5 different fonts, and, chances are people are clicking through. The brain doesn’t have enough time to react (in 15 seconds) to all that noise.  Same goes for sticking to one font...

Lastly with stories, I have found a fun way to add a bit of glitz to some videos and since I have some jewelry brands, this is extra fun. KIRAKIRA adds sparkle to photos or video. Now, I know this has been around for a while, but they added more filters and I love it. 

elizabeth de la pena