Growing up in a fitness family, there wasn't a day in my life that I didn't think about my next workout or condemn myself by missing one.  So when I chose a life in events and branding, it came as a shock to many.  Both were things I knew a bit about, but neither had the 10,000 hours like i had in fitness.
Fast forward to present day, and i couldn't be more grateful for the career I chose, but every now and again i would find myself daydreaming in an AB Fitness class of how I could marry my two passions to create something unique and undeniably me...
...and that was where TMC Fit Trip's were born!
These luxury fitness trips were curated for small to mid-sized groups, designed because of my love for fitness, planning, and collaboration.  I wanted to loop in on-brand businesses in adventurous new towns so guests could familiarize themselves with new spaces, places, and people far and wide. 
If you have had the opportunity to travel with me, you know that the attendees would be more than taken care of.  Every town that was selected to explore, you can bet your sweet ass i either knew that place inside/out, or i had planner- researched the crap out of it in every way possible.  What I could promise on these trips without batting an eyelash would be 1) it would be the most on- brand for the client 2) it would be the best organized trip ever 3) it would consist of the most picturesque places, spaces, and food. 3) it would have some kick ass workouts 5 ) and lastly, it would be the time  of the guests lives.  All things I think everyone in our society needs every now and again, which makes me think that i am yet again, ONE STEP CLOSER TO MY  RAISON D'ETRE!