So if you read my last post, you know how i feel about fitness.  And if you didn't, well, in a nutshell, it gives me all the feels.  It always has and always will.  So naturally, when moving to a new city, one of the VERY first things i did was familiarize myself with the lay of the studio land. 

Now after a long career as community and events guru for LULULEMON, you would be right to assume that I have become a bit of a studio snob.  I crave unique facilities, challenging teachers, and above all, a great fitfam atmosphere.  So naturally i thought I was going to be hardpressed to 3 great studios I would call my fitness homes.  Boy was I dead ass wrong.  My new issue soon became " How the shit am I going to pay for 10 unlimited studio memberships a month?!"  I cant tell you enough how much this city has continued to blow my mind every day with design, restaurants, events, and fitness is no exception.  Take the coolest studio design concepts I have ever seen, throw in  a handful of the hottest and nicest people taking and giving classes, and mix it all together with a sense of community outreach and client appreciations and there you have p- much every studio here in Mexico City. 

So now I had to deal with this issue of not making millions to support my fitness habit. INSERT FITPASS- the solution to my princess problem of the year!  After deeply investigating, I came to find that not only was the price too good to be true for an unlimited multi-studio membership, ALL of my favorite studios were already active participants (except SICLO-- GET ON IT).  For $1790 MXN pesos  a month i could go to unlimited classes and studio-whore my way through Mexico.  My ultimate dream. 


- download FITPASS APP & sign up

- pay a monthly fee ( Use DISCOUNT CODE: VERANOFITPASS for your first 3 months with 10% OFF-- you end up paying $1611 per month for the first 3 OR Summer2018 that gives you 20% off your first month only)

- go to ANY studio on the whole entire app

- each studio you can go to up to 4 times a month.

- get super fit by not plateauing in the same workout routine

- meet new people

- tell me thank you


I can't end this without giving you my personal tips on the studios you MUST try

- HYPE: yoga, circuit training, areal.  Owner Fer is a bad ass.  Take her class if you can

- BARRE MX: barre like you have never experienced.  Pushes you to your limits and you leave trembling. Ana Paula is your girl

- BEATNESS: interval training with treadmills.  Get ready to die, but it SHEDS MASSIVE LBS.  Ana is my girl, and Guto-  well i will just say your welcome in advance

JC CHAVEZ BOX:  cardio box.  It will shred you but not before you almost puke. Ana kills it here too (Beatness and Chavez are sister studios) and Manuel will push you too.

- SERSANA: interval training, mostly body weight resistance or light weights.  Lety is the founder she is insane, but my girls are Ceci & Elsa

- ALTER: Dance, toning workouts.  Some more coreographed than others, all really hard.  Leslie is the owner and founder and her energy and good vibe are contagious

- COMMANDO: circuits to DIE for. Studio to drool over. 

- FITSHOP:: place to go if you wanna get cut

- PILATES CONDESA: I mix this in as a two- a- day bonus to tone it up and stretch it out

- MIND BODY PILATES: same here

- ROOM 155: circuit training gym.  Super cute space.  Hard classes


- PROJECT MEDITATION: to get your mind right

- CRYOMX: Cryotherapy and other treatments to keep you in top performance shape

- SAASIL: Electrostimulation low impact workouts and thermo bikes.  20 mins and your done.

These are just a few.  ALL ON FITPASS  I still havent even gone into the world of YOGA & SPINNING but I know there are so many more I need to try!