"and i said to my body. softly. ' i want to be your friend.'  it took a long breath. and replied, 'i have been waiting my whole life for this.'"

- rupi kaur


Every day we wake up with the opportunity to choose new. Choose different. New chapter. When it comes to "diet", this is completely how a approach the subject. One day, i want a change, and the next day, (entering with no resentment/ expectation) I just make the shift. This is how I became vegan for two years, vegetarian for 6, and now lactose free for 6 months. Never viewing it as a burden or with a restrictive mentality (i.e. "I CAN'T have that, or I SHOULDN'T eat this). I have always designed my own adventure and if I feel like being a vegan who eats caviar or a vegetarian that eats hot dogs, so what?  Are the vegetable police going to fine me?  It's always about making it something I choose to do over something I have to do.

Ok, with all that said, 6 months ago I realized that something was slowing me down and an inflation in my gut I had never seen before, wouldn't go away. A dear friend pointed out that dairy, although delicious, might be the little bitch causing the upset. Now- I get it- a world without cheese?!  Who could? Why would? What????  Quickly I came to realize, one of the upsides to living in 2017 is we have become hella crafty with out nuts and how we make them imitate dairy. It wasn't bad after all.  

So where do the juices come in, you ask? So when I made this change, inevitably, my consumption of other things went up. Raw produce, tons more protein- and with that came a shift in feeling. All of a sudden, that bloat was no longer there but it was replaced by the cramping of trapped gas.
Insert my savior Jessica of freshica's. I had expressed my feelings to a friend and she put me in touch with Jessica. 1) I fell love with her for being a boss bitch and creating a two- store franchise 2) I stayed in love with her because she made this all go away with her cleanse.

She informed me that the additional protein and the shock to my system of a drastic change like this was getting things flowing in a different way. What I needed was a reset and I would be all set up for success with my new diet and back to regularly scheduled programming.

She sent me home with a 3 day mini cleanse and sent me on my way. Ok, so I have juice cleansed... A LOT. it's never super easy, we usually cheat, and we are always most definitely hangry. But here's what-  with freshica's, it was only difficult until 2pm. With 4 juices a day and allowing yourself to eat a normal dinner, you prevent your body from that starvation mindset which usually results in you cleansing for 3 days and on day 4 binge eating. Another super unique factor is that 1 of the 4 juices has protein-  this was the 2pm lifesaver that brings you back to life.
Anyway. I could go on and on about how this cleanse was just for me and now I do it once a month, but you just have to try it for yourself. I Am proud to announce, I am consistently 10 lbs lighter, skin clearer, more energetic and I truly believe that it's my no dairy/ freshica’s regular juice reset.

If it works for you, great. If not, I wish you many successes on finding out YOUR right move and please, share!  

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