Elsa & Rose; more than just teeny bikinis

I always tell my clients it’s super important to have a deeper “why” behind what they do. Whatever they are making, producing, service they are providing, the story of their drive and passion to do that ONE THING should be different than everyone else’s.

Well, even though Elsa & Rose didn’t ask me my opinion- they are doing just that. This sassy little swedish bikini company is giving a little depth and compassion to an otherwise pretty basic industry. There are thousands of teeny bikini companies that follow the standard trends, fit well, have ok price points, but why will i now ONLY EXCLUSIVELY buy from Elsa & Rose?

 Not because they are paying me (they actually aren’t paying me anything. I bought my first suit just like everyone else). It’s because from every bikini sold, Elsa & Rose donates a percent of the profit to international foundations that work towards the fight against eating disorders. A topic that hits close to home in many levels for me, and a topic that is important to remove the stigma attached to it so our future female generations don’t have to be ashamed or afraid to seek help.  I also think that their photo campaigns are perfection; female forms in all shapes and sizes, all gorgeous, unique, & all feeling some type a way in their Elsa & Rose suits.

So with all that said, I will leave you with my code for 30% off (LIZZYDELA30)   They ship worldwide and have amazing customer service on top of all of the other lovely things that makes these babes my faves. Lastly, the fit and the quality is on point too. It’s been a minute since I’ve get som comfy in a teeny bikini  

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