In my life, I don’t know how i got so lucky, but I have always been surrounded by people with jaw dropping talents. They say for optimal elevation, surround yourself with greatness... if that is the case, I am slaying this elevation game.

So now for the spotlight.  In a sea of talented friends, I chose to shout out this one because his album just dropped and I want to give my followers the audible gift that is his music.

Gustavo Galindo; Gringo/ Mexican like me,  friend to all creatures, and the voice of a young Chris Isaac mixed with a Mexican angel. I had the pleasure of meeting Gus when he was in the process of making this album, and although our romance didn’t last long, our friendship has remained due to his ability to be an impeccable soul. Through the last year, I have watched his growth process musically, the evolution of the tracks, the elevation of complexity in compositions, and the healing process it has created for Gus as a human

When you listen to the album, I urge you to listen to it from beginning to end in its track progression. I also invite you to feel what he is asking you to feel with his lyrics. I know that a huge part of the beauty of this album is the of peaks and valleys of life. Gus losing his angel of a mother, but then being blessed with a stunning daughter. Loves lost and won, the push and pull and duality of being two very different humans in two very different cultures. It’s relatable, it’s beautiful, and. It’s what life is all about.

Recorded between Mexico and Los Angeles and the cover art done by his best friend Jorge Tellaeche, Gus leaves it all out there for everyone to understand him. Always grateful for his both heritages, the ultimate support in friendship, a vulnerable and powerful work in process in all the other categories. Just like all the rest of us.