New Face of Hotels

With Air BnB becoming so popular in the past 5 years, it tells us two things about the shift in humanity (YAY). 1) People are caring more about authentic experiences over cookie cutter conventionality, & 2) Group traveling with friends or acquaintances seems more appealing with such perks such as splitting a rate 10 ways and cohabiting to enjoy the simple pleasures of shared memories & human interaction. 

This all excites me on many different levels.  It makes me think that there is hope for our generation to continue accelerating this shift of importance-- more towards WHO we spend time with over WHAT we spend money on.  It also makes me thrilled that we are leaning towards being more self sufficient and adventurous on our travels rather than vacationing within a hotels confines.

OK to the point.  Insert my new favorite concept of hotel; The Guest House.  In my recent travels to my homeland, I found not one, but 3 spectacular examples of this model.  With the cleanliness and safety of a hotel, but the character and freedom of being in your very own dream home-away-from-home, the Guest House format is my IDEAL.  With 4-6 rooms each, you can either stay and chill closely with like-minded patrons, (who you will definitely find a million things in common with and probably one shared acquaintance) or rent the whole joint out and take it over with close friends for an unforgettable experience.  Yes, you are tended to, but you have freedom to choose your own adventure- cooking class in the kitchen or suggestions for the best corner bistro.  One thing always in common-- cocktail hour with an honor bar!! (there we go trusting in humanity again!)

BOTTOM LINE. Guest Houses are the new face of hospitality in my mind, so if you own a cool house with 4+ rooms- I suggest you look into converting it into something like this because you will KILL IT! Not only financially, but the magic way this concept brings people together, really makes me excited for organic connections and the bounty that they yield