Quit Your Job,
Buy a Ticket,
Get a Tan,
Fall in Love,
Never Return


They say that a place should not make you happier as at the end of the day, as we take ourselves with us wherever we go. But what if you found a place that was magic?  A place that magnified all your great qualities and melted away your worries? A place that amplified your memories and facilitated the making of more memorable moments?  A place that made you feel more like YOU?

If you found a place like that, would you ever leave?  Every year around this time, as I reflect back on another amazing Nantucket trip, I ask myself: why not just stay?

It was 20 years ago when I found myself on island for the first time. A memory so crystal clear, I can remember the taste of the air, the colors and patterns along the streets. I can remember the way the sun felt on my skin and I can remember the first time I realized what it felt like to in the moment (a feeling I am now conscious of attaining, because of that first experience). In the last 20 years Nantucket island has become a place for family, vacation, healing, discovery, but above all else, a place of pure inspiration.

There is something to be said for a town, that in 20 years, has never gone "off brand" in my eyes. There, I never see with a logo, a sign, a restaurant design, a meal presentation, or an event that isn’t 100% Nantucket.  So, as I sit here at my desk, going over what has sculpted me into the brand consultant I am today, into the person I am today, I realize it is this.  Just like this tiny island, it is my determination to never go off brand, to be consistent and true to myself, and to my clients…to always care about how things are put together and how they make people feel above all else. We are one in the same.

It's funny- when I first started my company, I had “ACK” on my very first business cards because I always assumed I would end up in the place that shaped me. I lost sight of that for some time, but now more than ever, I am excited to see where Nantucket takes Millennials Collective, and the fun, on-brand adventures we can create together!


56 Union
American Seasons
Lola 41
Straight Wharf
Nativ Made
Something Natural
Nantucket Bake Shop
Downy Flake
Galley Beach
White Elephant
Summer House
Vis a vis
Eye of the Needle


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