Tepoztlan; its not coincidence, its magic

Real "magic" is what most people confuse with "coincidence". There are no coincidences in this life. Just magic.

"Pueblo Magico" translation: "Magic Village". A title given to 121  villages in the 13,000 year old country I currently call home. Out of  those 121 villages I've had the opportunity to visit a dozen or so and  there are a few characteristics that all of these places have:
⁃       unique ancient history
⁃       Archeological miracles
⁃       Artisanal masters
⁃       & indescribable energy that allows anything amazing to happen.
One of my all time favorites of these villages is where I have witnessed  the most amazing "coincidences", felt the most intense sense of self,  and been able to attain an overall feeling of peace for an extended  period of time is Tepoztlan.
Just a few miles away from where I grew up, Tepoztlan has played a huge  role in my spiritual awakening, professional evolution, and contributed  greatly to a deeper bond with my mother. Another great plus to add to  this towns perfection? A hotel whos description should simply read  "magic", but to most, known as Posada del Tepozteco.

I am a firm believer that nothing in this life is a coincidence. I don't  think it's coincidence that brought my mother and father together from  two different parts of the world. I don't believe it to be coincidence  that this place is moments away from where I grew up. And there is no way in hell its coincidence that placed me in this hotel with a new friend whose family history also has a strong long link to PDT as well.

For some reason I needed to be at this hotel, at this moment in time,  with the people I was with and I think I know why. I needed to realize  that all these "coincidences" that have been recently happening are not  coincidences at all. I needed to restore my belief in magic. I needed to  remember that magic is simply the things we manifest and declare that  we want in our lives matching up perfectly with what the universe also  wants for us and then having it effortlessly fall into place.

This place will do that for you. It will make you a believer. Beyond its  superficial perfection and 5 star service, this hotel has something you  won't find in many places: magic and restoration of faith.