Welcome to 2018.  Land of the rented life.  Rent a purse, rent a car, rent a mansion, rent a plane. Now i know you have always been able to rent most of these things, but the difference time makes is that all of these things have become incredibly easy to acquire.  Literally with the press of a button, you can go from sitting in your office to having an instastory filled with private jet pics and infinity pool sunsets.

Now moving on to the next assumption; that this best life is only reserved for trust fund babies and wolves of wall street-- NOT TRUE. The other beauty of time is that, 1) things depreciate in value 2) everything is split-able.

10 years ago, flying private was reserved for people who fed their pets caviar off of fine china, but now, chartering (renting) a plane costs about the same as a coveted first class ticket per person.  And with splitting bills, it makes everything more monetarily digestible.  Thanks to venmo and even facebook, sharing bills is just about the easiest.

So lastly, why the balls am I talking about this?  Because recently I have done some branding work for some private estates for AIR BNB and a private aviation company and I think its sick as hell these types of adventures are attainable in our lifetime.  And as always, I want my people to know about every amazing find, deal, + experience i come across, so here you go.

Let me paint you a picture: a much needed long Weekend in Acapulco. Luis Miguel Style.

You and 7 friends decide on a Wednesday bender to escape to a private villa on the beach for 3 days. With the click of a button, you rent a sick 7 room villa with infinity pool, stocked and staffed.  Royal accommodations and treatment totaling in at $300 pp is a no-brainer for your crew and they are in.

Now it is 11pm now on that same Wednesday.  You are on your 11th shot of mezcal, you can't bother searching for flights because you have no signal and to find 8 round trip flights is going to be a major pain in the dick.  You then remember that you have your flight broker in your contacts.  You hit her up.  She tells you that the learjet you requested can be fueled and ready to go for your 7 friends by 10am. $2200 pp for instant gratification- Worth it.

Just like that.  A weekend planned within moments.  A weekend where you didn't have to spend countless hours searching on the internet for flights and making the schedules fit.  A weekend where the party didn't have to be cut off to annoyingly go through security and wait at a gate for hours: $2500 per person all in for a long weekend seems like a deal to me.

Ok- so yes, my scenario is a bit frivolous for a weekend, but maybe for special occasions. Easily you spend more than $2500 for a 3 day weekend on flights, booze, food, & accommodations.  Plus you pay for the ease of it all. No part of a vacation should be stressful and what stresses people out most for vacations?  Flight searching, Hotel booking, traffic, check-in times and having to be at the mercy of someone elses' time table.  With this option, you take all of that out of the picture.  So in conclusion, I think the juice is worth the squeeze when it comes to flying private and renting McMansions.